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  1. Registration fee is R90. This once off amount will be added to your 1st order.
  2. Your parcel will be delivered at your house. We can also deliver at a PEP Stores close to you.
  3. When the order is invoiced, it takes 3 to 5 working days for delivery.
  4. You can place your orders online or on the Avon App. You can also place the order with SMS.
  5. You can open your Avon online shop. Customers will find your shop online and place their orders. Avon will deliver directly to the customer.
  6. You can pay Avon at any PAY@ outlet, like Pick n Pay, Pep Stores, Spar and Shoprite.

Why Avon?

The opportunity to start your own business is one of the reasons why people choose to join Avon. With Avon you can work from home in your own time. You can decide to start selling part time and then later to do it full time.

With Avon you work for yourself, but you will never be alone. Our team will be with you all the way to support and guide you on your journey. Your success is our success!


Join Our AVON Team

Make your dreams come true! Take control of your income and create your own bright, successful future.

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Avon fits in with your lifestyle. You choose when you want to work and where you want to work. 

So you can spend more time with the ones you love.

Avon have more than 5000 products, with new ones added monthly.

Sell quality and affordable perfumes, make up, body care and fashion accessories to your customes. 

Earn extra income.
Work for yourself – be your own BOSS.
It is flexible, glamorous, exciting and rewarding.
Offers 100% money back guarantee.
Work how you want and when you want.
Determine how much you want to earn and set your goals according to that.

Avon online shop

You can open a FREE online shop.

Customers will find your Avon Shop online and order.
Avon will deliver directly to the customer and you will earn the commission.

3 Easy steps to open the shop


As well as joining a global brand, you are joining a company that`s been changing lives and empowering women for over 30 years. We believe that everyone deserves to fulfil their dreams. Run your own business, work the hours you choose, receive exclusive discounts and open the door to a world of exciting new products.